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Charge, power and protect your iPhone 4. This sleek, custom-fit 1450mAH, low-profile battery case doubles the life of your iPhone4! Get 6 hours of talk time, 6 hours of web surfing, 30 hours of audio, 8 hours of video and 200 hours in Standby Mode. Power is in the palm of your hand.


A compact, portable power bank that fits anywhere and goes where you go. The
FCC-approved, dual-USB port Voltsaf power bank is always ready to recharge your
mobile devices quickly and easily. Enjoy the great outdoors, it even doubles as a super-bright LED flashlight.


Spend most of your day on the road? Take along the MINZOS 2-piece dual-USB voltRanger car charger. Drive with confidence knowing that your cell phone, tablet,GPS, digital camera or any device charged by USB, is getting all the power it needs to keep you in touch and ready for action all day long.

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